Christina Maria Keleti
Born January 31. 1957
Szabó Miklós
Born Sept. 24. 1973
Anikó Filyó
Born July 20. 1965
László Megyeri
Born Dec. 3. 1973
Márta Ottlyk
Born March 23. 1962
Jozsef Kiss
Born May 11. 1978
Árpád Lászlóne Popp
Born March 7. 1957
Róbert Bisztyó
Born April 1. 1981

Ernöne Hoór
Born Sept. 10. 1952

Laszlo Veress
Born June 4. 1972

These pictures are gathered from a french porn site with a very strange name owned by "Active Art Studio" in Paris.
They are taken as a proof to the viewer that these are real mature women having sex with much younger men,
as well as a way of cataloging the pictures.
You can find their complete catalog here.